Crushing the Competition [ COMIC ]

I am definitely spending way too much time on Candy Crush Saga right now. I used to have it on iPhone and play it on Facebook too, but I took it off my phone because I was playing too much… And because it didn’t always sync up properly together and I got tired to completing the same levels more than once.

Someone please explain to my why Bejeweled with confectionery treats is so addicting. I’m starting to get the diabetus over here.


  • Haohmaru

    Confessionary treats? Is that like candy with admissions of guilt printed on them? Maybe a twinkie that works like a truth serum? Very intriguing!

  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    For some reason, I introduced my mother to this game. I don’t know why; I don’t like it much, stopped playing around level 30, and didn’t expect her to be all that into it either.

    She’s now somewhere around level 270, and still going strong.

    What should I hook her on next? Taking suggestions.

    • Anonymous