Crowned Prince of Crime [ COMIC ]

Have you ever played Katamari Damacy or We Love Katamari? Great games… but there’s a slight problem. In both games you play the Prince of the Cosmos and its your job to use your katamari, a.k.a. “Giant Sticky Ball”, to gather up various objects to launch into the cosmos to rebuild the planets and stars. That would be all find and dandy if you were just gathering up inanimate objects, but insects, animals and people all become construction material for the heavens. By the time you finish either game, you will have created more destruction and killed more people than every war that humanity has ever fought combined… and here’s the kicker, in We Love Katamari people actually come up to you and ask you to commit these acts of genocide. Twisted…

Oh, Me and My Katamari is coming sometime this year for the PSP… not sure when, but its a coming. Man these games are friggin’ sweet… twisted, but friggin’ sweet.