Creation Process [ COMIC ]

This is definitely not me. I picked up a used copy of White Knight Chronicles from GameStop a couple months ago. I never actually played the game, because I could not will myself to get past the character creator. True story.

source: kit draws!


  • Sky Render

    I don’t even worry about the appearance of the character I make. Most of the sliders just stay at default, save for whatever features I decide it would be interesting to give them. It’s silly to obsess over the appearance of your character, especially in games where you never even see their face the majority of the time (lookin’ at you, Elder Scrolls games).

    • Halrawk

      I find I spend hours getting my character to look exactly how I want. Then I usually obsess over how cool the helmets look, and never see my characters face again :p

      Or, like you mentioned, games like Skyrim. I still spend ages making him/her look exact, even though I know I’ll never see him.

  • JCAll

    I wouldn’t worry about character creating in WKC, since the character you create doesn’t really do anything but tag along and use whatever weapon class the rest of the party isn’t using at the time.

  • Rxcroxs

    I usually pick a preset and then adjust it meticulously for an hour to come out with a character who looks nearly identical to the preset sans a different hair color. It’s so hard to veer from the preset without having a “No what have I created” moment.