Cool Shirt, Bro [ COMIC ]

I thought this comic was the perfect companion piece to the video I shared last night.


  • Harui

    Although I’ve been a (female) geek my entire life, I’ve never had a problem like this.

  • Yue

    So you need to know everything about a series to be allowed to wear a shirt you found nice at a store?

    • Jeff

      Of course. Otherwise you’re just a big phony looking for attention, obviously.

  • Flamespeak

    Yeah, this totally happens all the time and isn’t just some rare occurrence by idiots. For real, you guys. :/

    I am more insulted with the way it is considered fine to associate all male fans of ‘geek’ things as pompous jerks who give women endless amounts of flak for simply being women and also liking similar things.