Console Wars: Attack of the Critics [ COMIC ]

Every year that goes by I find it harder and harder to argue the necessity of consoles. I honestly cannot believe I just typed that.

source: Kotaku


  • Sky Render

    At one time, consoles had a very distinct purpose: they brought gaming to the masses by being both affordable and accessible, as well as doing things in a way that PC games really couldn’t. As the price of the PC has come down and the boundaries between PC and console gaming have blurred, the console has come out much the worse for wear in the perception of value. Right now, the market has room for a very low-cost console as an entry-level point for gaming, but the mid- and high-end gaming market is hitting a point where the difference between any given console and a PC is not only near-indistinguishable, but the PC is starting to come out on top in that equation.

    • thewood

      Not only on top performance wise, but if you get into building your own, cheaper too. A new console these days is running upwards of $500, where if you just upgrade your graphics card and maybe add a little memory, you’re only going to be paying about $400. Plus PC games tend to be cheaper as well. While PCs are more of an initial investment, the long-term costs are lower than consoles. PC is only more expensive if you buy a whole new computer every few years.

      • Anonymous

        I believe that this is what MOST people end up doing (not that this is the right choice).

        For me, it’s simple. I have a laptop. Laptops suck as gaming machines (SOOO hard to fit new parts). So, I buy consoles.

        Of course, this entire comic is ignoring handhelds…

    • P.Ski

      The problem is, and always will be, that publishers pay a premium for the console media formats and rights. If there wasn’t that console games would be cheaper.

    • DEECEL


  • Triaxx2

    I would be exclusively a PC gamer now, if there weren’t still a few Console only titles. I don’t get Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Mario on the PC. And a lot of PC ports tend to be bad. I play PC games so I can mod them, and most ports don’t have any modding support at all, so…

    Besides, I grew up on Mario, Link and Samus. I would no more give them up than stop breathing.

    • Nintendo is probably the biggest reason to still support consoles because they do not release their products on other platforms and their first-party titles are top notch. My only other real argument is that developers only have to worry about one set of specs. Once they develop it for the console, it works on of those consoles. There are different rules and requirements depending on your PC specs.

      • Blip

        You forgot another argument: DLC!

        Most PC games don’t get DLC like the console versions. Even with resales (game of the year edition, Best-Price etc), it is not guaranteed that you get the console DLC as well. Prime example: games like Prince of Persia (2008).

        On the other hand, certain “indy titles” won’t ever see the light of day on a pressed medium for console, but it will be for PC. The most current prime example is “Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreamland”. It’s currently available for PC/XBLA (with PS3 and WiiU to come), but only for PC on DVD.

  • Alastor

    I use my PS3 far more than my PC because:

    1. Exclusives are better. Disgaea 3, Disgaea 4, Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising, etc
    2. If I put my game in PS3, I know it works everytime. This only happens about 70% on my PC (Specifically anything made by Bethesda, I’ve fought with New Vegas for months and only recently got it working.
    3. I can re-sell my games. Especially important considering new game prices.
    4. My PC is my music station, so I run the PC for music while playing, and play games on the PS3.

    • Raidi

      Bayonetta is NOT PS3 exclusive

      • Nekozilla

        I think he means more console exclusive then ps3 exclusive

  • EvilAspirin

    As much as the “hardcore” love to say how PC is superior, cheaper and easy to use and that we don’t need consoles, they neglect to realise they’re very much in the minority. Most people who play games are those that want easy access to the popular multi-million selling games like Call of Duty and FIFA which are more easily playable on the PS3 and Xbox 360. If they do play other games then they prefer to just go to a shop buy it for their console, know it works (well, most of the time…) and not have to worry about complications with drivers and compatibility.

    Consoles aren’t going away. Not for a good while yet.

    • Sky Render

      Oh I don’t dispute that the lower end of the gaming market is still ripe for the picking by something besides the PC. For the mainstream audience, as I said, there’s definitely an opening for a budget-priced gaming system that’s simple to use and doesn’t require a large array of hardware. The problem there is, at the moment that slot is best being filled by the Wii (technically last-gen hardware now and losing favor) and the iPhone.