Con Artist [ COMIC ]

It might be funnier if it wasn’t true.

Sorry, I’m at Nekocon 11 right now. Just uploading a sketch of what I had to deal with today. Actually, it wasn’t for shirts this time, but the Rejected Mega Man Villains poster. It’s insane. People come by the table and stand there for five minutes reading and laughing at the poster the whole time. And then… They just walk away. If you enjoy the poster so much, then why not buy it? You have friends, don’t you? Do you think they might enjoy it as well? You can look cutting edge and clever for having such a classy and witty poster in your bedroom/parent’s basement. Let me help you by you helping me.

Nonetheless, I’ll still be at Nekocon Saturday and Sunday. I’m going to try to post a new sketch comic after Saturday’s day, too.