College GameDay [ COMIC ]

I guess it really depends on what type of video game this guy is playing. If he’s playing a basic platformer or FPS, then he wasn’t really gaming that long. If he’s playing an RPG, then I’ve got to wonder just how many classes is this guy missing?

source: Automatomic


  • thewood

    Back in college I got to play a lot. I used it as motivation for school work. Get my daily homework done, then beer and video games until my lady friend was done with her homework, then sex! Ahh those were the days.

    • clocktock

      Why did your right hand have so much homework?

  • Painstream

    Back in college, I’d christen games with 20-hour weekends. If he’s not past the tutorial, he’s just.. really dumb. :P

    • Yue

      Or he’s playing Final Fantasy 13

  • Triaxx2

    I’m one of those obnoxious people who sprints through homework and has lots of time to game, and still gets great grades.

  • Anon E Moose

    I’m in my final year of university and this rings all too true for me. Funnily enough I have plenty of time for familiar games, but new games just seem to be played for a session or two and put on the backburner. I blame student loans and Steam sales, as well as coursework, exams, and a relationship.

    I can’t wait until I get a job, so I can have more time to game. And buy games I won’t play.