Club Scuttle [ COMIC ]

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently beat Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, on the Wii U. I really enjoyed the game, but ENDG4MER did have some valid gripes about it. Fortunately, none of which were deal breakers for me.



    Holy crap, I got mentioned in the main post!

    Some followups to my criticisms from before (MINOR FINAL STAGE SPOILERS):

    – Transformations breaking up gameplay became less of an issue as time went on; seems only the first couple of stages were really heavy on their use, and most of them can be largely ignored once you have the Harpy, which makes backtracking so much easier. Also, there is an item you can buy from the Snake Woman merchant In Mermaid Falls and Tassel Town that cuts the time to switch dance palettes in half.

    – Much like the last game, 1/2 Genie Hero pulls a huge difficulty spike in the finale; moving walls lined with spikes in a long corridor that basically requires the Harpy to fly through (which, while fast, can’t stop or change direction for shit), and the final boss uses an incredibly cheap ground wave attack that blends in with the background and can’t be seen until it hits the foreground… and moves so fast that unless you’re already in the air, you’re going to get hit. There’s no audio cue for this attack, either, so expect to use plenty of healing items (or just finish the Art Gallery and use Revive Dance with unlimited magic).

    – The game feels shorter than Pirate’s Curse. First run-through took roughly 6 hours, and at least an hour of that was spent idle due to cooking and bathroom breaks, so more like 5 hours. Pirate’s Curse first run took about 8 hours after the same and seemed to have more variety in gameplay (Rotty’s escort mission being a personal favorite).

    Still, it’s a VERY good game all things considered. I don’t regret playing and finishing it, but I also don’t really feel a desire to complete it multiple times for the different game artworks. The art style is cute as buttons while dialing down a bit on the ecchi, even if I feel that image stretching and warping is a cop-out for actual animation frames. Overall, I feel it’s worth the playtime, though your mileage may vary for whether or not it’s worth multiple playthroughs.

    • ENDG4MER

      I also feel the need to add that the story felt particularly weak this time around. (MINOR STORY SPOILERS)

      In Pirate’s Curse, each supporting character and villain got multiple appearances and story focused around them (such as Skye’s parents and relationship woes, and Rotty’s past self that expanded her character and connection to Shantae). Even the villains had more to do with each other and the story, and were intermixed and reoccurring.

      Contrast Half Genie Hero, where each supporting character was just kind of there, acting as a progression or fetch quest flag with scant dialogue and little else. Each villain was totally self-contained and there was very little interwoven plot. Shantae getting hung up on being half genie and feeling inadequate came literally out of left field, as everything before that had been about getting the dynamo finished so she could have free time. It really felt like they realized that they wanted the subtitle to have some kind of special meaning, then shoehorned in a cliche’d plot about feeling inadequate due to being mixed race. Very poorly done, I feel.

      Still, it doesn’t really impact my enjoyment of the gameplay, which was always Shantae’s strong point. I just wish more care had been taken with everything else. If I had to make a recommendation, I feel that Shantae & the Pirate’s Curse was an overall better game, graphics aside. Certainly play both, but if you could only have one, I’d recommend that one.

    • Tom Brenner

      Honestly besides the Harpy section, (though I got lucky and got through it on one go), the final level is kind of a joke if you finish the Art Gallery. Just use Total Invincibility and nothing can stop you. Even the bosses can’t hurt you…

      I personally had more trouble with the escape slide, the hooks you’re supposed to grab always seem to come in an unpredictable pattern and their hit boxes feel too small.

      • ENDG4MER

        I did finish the art gallery, but I purposely ignored all the magic abilities as I found they made the game far too easy when it was already kind of a cakewalk. I don’t think they did very much testing on this one, though being a KS project it’s not surprising. I’m amazed it’s as polished as it is, given it was crowd-funded.