Classic vs. Modern Resident Evil [ COMIC ]

Resident Evil 4 definitely did change the direction of the franchise. For better or worse is still debatable.


  • thewood

    For me it was for the worse. I mean, RE4 is an awesome game, but it’s not an awesome Resident Evil game. What made the early games so much fun for me was the lack of ammo and the having to plan ahead and deciding if it was worth the inventory space to carry a second gun or if you wanted to carry more health boosters. It was as much strategy and puzzle solving as it was shooting zombies. That’s what made it great.

  • PrinceJonathan

    I’ve never played a Resident Evil game, but I read an article a few weeks ago about how Umbrella is terrible at business decisions. If the above image is true Umbrella would probably make more money by just killing their own zombies XD!

  • Xuncu

    4 was the first RE I played, and glad I did: it was more my style. I hate limited inventory screens, since I’m such a packrat with items. I did play the GC remake of 1, and enjoyed it, but only as a rental: it does not grace my shelf alongside titles like REZ, or Devil May Cry (which, if you know, is ironic and not entirely merely incidental)

    • Freakality

      I think it’s fine that it is more your style, and I believe it’s probably the case for a lot of gamers, but I reckon that the game should have just be named something else, instead of completely switching the genre and abandoning the previous installments.

      It’s not so much that it’s a different, it’s that it’s still called Resident Evil, which pretty much says that the previous style will never come back, and that sucks for fans of the originals.

      And I know that the game’s actual name is Biohazard and that it still has to do with the story, but this isn’t about story, it’s about gameplay elements, which have been completely lost starting from RE4.

      RE4 is an amazing game nonetheless, and I agree with thewood, it IS a great GAME, just NOT a great RESIDENT EVIL

      • Xuncu

        True. Doki Doki Panic.

        Yeah, I suppose that “proper” Resident Evil (ie: 1) is about cops (SWAT?) who just had the bad luck of having Wesker for a Captain, not, say, Samus, who can amass an entire army’s worth of weapons on her in about 2 hours. Adn for anyone who doesn’t know: Devil May Cry WAS Resident Evil 4. Then they decided that, yes, it strayed too much from the earlier RE formula, so it was modified with Dante. Then the RE 4 we know was made later, still in the spirit of being more action-focused than previous REs, just as as DMC *is* action-focused, and a series and a great game in it’s own right.
        But, as said, DMC is not RE, and yeah, RE4 and DMC are closer related than RE4 and RE1 are, and that’s OK. Like I’m a Silent Hill fan, too, and while 2 had nothing to do with the Order and Alessa/Cheryl/Heather 9ie: the main storyline), it’s a damned fine game. (SH4, while not as popular or good, I still think was pretty good, and also has little to do with the main storyline games, and doesn’t even enter the town)

        • Freakality

          I think I was pretty clear when I said I wasn’t talking about storyline, so I don’t think the Silent Hill 1-2 comparison works in this case.

          My main gripe is the complete loss of the Adventure Game side that Resident Evil always had on the gameplay.

          I also have some gripes on the story, but that’s not really what we’re talking about here.

  • SilentS

    Unfortunately many game series (or games in general for that matter) are following this trend. To sum it up, lower difficulties. While good games themselves, each progressive game in a series is becoming easier and easier these days. To me that just tarnishes the series names a bit.

    Yet to play devils advocate, if games kept their original difficulties as the sequels came out, would they still sell as well (or poorly) as they do now? Part of me is saying no because this generation of gamers is rather spoiled compared to us of the last generation. Now it is all Achievements/Trophies, graphics, and light challenges. Back then it was story and difficulty. Graphics and sound took backstage. RE is a good example of this.

  • Dash12345678

    While resources were certainly far more abundant in the world in Resident Evil 4, inventory space was still fairly limited, and since I’m a bit of a pack rat, I still ended up having trouble rationing my ammo.


    On my first playthrough it was my very last bullet (Magnum) that finished off Salazar. I was pretty stressed about my ammo through that fight.

    • Xuncu

      And then, after unlocking the the NewGame+ weapons…

    • Xuncu

      Hell, THEN it becomes Metal Slug:
      SHOTGUN! LAZUR! HEAVIIIII MACHINE GUNN! RAW-KET LAWN CHAIR! And no room (and honestly, little point) to take ALL of them, as much as one would like to.

      • PrinceJonathan

        RAW-KET LAWN CHAIR XD! I’m laughing so hard I’m in tears. I want one!

      • Dash12345678

        Yeah, the new game + rewards were pretty fun for a while, but completely overpowered, and clearly intended to be so, completely changing the game from what it was the first time to some strange, easy, shoot em’ up.

        I think it’s intended to be one of those artificial bonuses to re-playability, but it some ways it takes away from re-playability. After speeding through the game with the new game + weapons, I lost all interest in the game for a number of years before I finally came back to it, and decided I wanted to play again the way I had the first time.

  • Triaxx2

    You mean the difference between rationing those 16 bullets and dying 848 times between there and the safe room? And still dying from sheer numbers but having at least a chance? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the earlier games, but it never felt like a survival horror game. Just a boring death fest.

  • Insaniteus

    RE4 was a great game, and didn’t really destroy what 1-3 & Code Veronica did. You had to be conservative with ammo, or else the boss fights were going to quite literally eat you alive. And then, it had the benefit of letting you aim for the freaking head, which was glorious for saving ammo and allowed the pistol to be effective against almost all enemies if used accurately at short range.

    Now RE5 was utter toilet overflow. Not only did they get rid of basically everything good about 4 (and 1-3), but it decided that a punch and a backflip kick each did about double or triple the damage of a bullet to the eye. Bullets were so useless that the only point to shooting an enemy was to stun them for your kung fu attacks. I wish I was making this up. RE5 is the first RE game that I ever quit, and killed my faith in the series forever.

  • Senkon

    16 bullets? How the hell did you get that much ammo?

  • Raidi

    My biggest problem with the new Resident Evil is the fact that they changed the backstory to the first RE. Now the zombiefication is more like Romero’s work and not the desease that would turn one over several days :/