Cinematic Universes [ COMIC ]

When Iron Man came out, back in 2008, we weren’t told that it was part of some greater cinematic universe. Hell, the average person hadn’t even heard of Tony Stark or Iron Man before this movie came out. Afterwards, we slowly began to see that these Marvel comic book movies were somehow all connected and would inevitably become part of something much, much bigger. DC, on the other hand, told us everything they were going to do before they had even sold us on their concept.

Also, the foundation for DC’s cinematic universe are two feature films that have been universally panned by critics. Man of Steel currently stands at 56% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has an even worse score of 27% rotten, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

I am neither a Marvel nor a DC Comics fanboy and as such, I feel no requirement to praise nor defend either company’s efforts. That said, Zac Snyder should have never been picked to direct a Superman movie. Zac Snyder only knows dark and brooding. Superman is not dark and brooding. Batman is dark and brooding. But whatever…

Seriously, you want to see an awesome DC Comics’ universe? Just go rewatch the DC animated universe (DCAU). I honestly don’t see a better version ever being created. Especially now, living in a post New 52 world. Ugh…

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  • Emmanuel Ruvalcaba

    You forgot the part where they take a shit in the blender

    • Rafael Martins

      You mean when they put Snyder in it?

  • Teverant

    It’s so disheartening to see the animated films (or… most of them) be so well plotted, carrying the essence of their foundation material and yet bringing something new to the table, and then see their big budget counterparts and wonder where the disconnect was. Marvel has diversity. Even being under the Disney umbrella, there is a lot of talent being brought in from many different angles. Warner will only dare to make movies within its own walled garden, and that’s where they fail. There is so much potential wasted, with the Dark Knight series being the one standout, and only because Nolan was at the helm somehow.

    • TenDM

      Yeah. It’s always weird when you realise the DCAU was a thing. Even today they’ve got Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and (to a lesser extent) Supergirl operating together. They know how to do a shared continuity. They’ve been making comic series for god knows how long. They know how to do this but for some reason they let Hollywood take the reigns.

  • Rafael Martins

    So much win in a single comic. BRB, gonna enrage lots of fanboys with this.

  • Sigurther

    This… seems a bit hypocritical given MCU movies have been cramming seven billion characters into their movies, and the DCCU match up movie had two in it’s name and only one additional, while briefly referencing future possibilities.

    • Frankie D.

      Marvel did like five solo films before they did any real crossover, DC did one badly before they tried it.