Checking Out the Competition [ COMIC ]

Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark comes to mind when I think of this comic. But then again, even when playing multi-player in Perfect Dark I was still able to effectively set up laptop guns as sentries even with the person sitting next to me.


  • Garland

    dude…your Screen cheating punishment from then is my Screen cheating punishiment from nowdays…

  • The real irony is, with the Wii U, soon we’re about to return to the old ways. At least with people trying to check out what’s on the tablet.

  • There are still games you can screen watch in?

    And I never considered split screen watching a cheat, as it is an advantage for all players in the game.

    • PrinceJonathan

      I never liked split screen gameplay, especially 4 player split screen. How can you see anything, the window is so tiny! It’s like trying to play a Gameboy from the other side of the room.

      • You use a big TV.

        Or a projector. That was bloody awesome to play on.