Check Out the Big Brain on Bowser! [ COMIC ]

And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

If Mario tries to rescue Rosalina from Bowser now, this game is going to turn from Super Mario 3D World into Braid very quickly. Maybe Nintendo could make a new game based on this comic called Bowser’s Big Score.

Where’s my Nintendo game where Bowser is the protagonist? I’m guessing because of his size and strength, a suitable type of game for Bowser would be a God of War style game… Actually, that would be really friggin’ cool. Damn! Now I’m sad, because it will never actually happen. We had the Year of Luigi, here’s hoping for one with Bowser.

source: deviantART


  • Asquian

    Sorry, Super Mario RPG is the closest you’ll get. I agree, though, Bowser needs his own time in the sun. Even Wario has his own titles.

    • I’d say Bowser’s Inside Story is pretty much Bowser as the protaganist, moreso than Super Mario RPG.

      • BigLord

        This. And BiS is AWESOME!

  • Shiratzu

    Super Mario RPG, Super Paper Mario, and Bowser’s Inside Story. I think that covers games with Bowser as a protagonist.

    • Vinicius

      Ant don’t forget Thousand Year Door, where you could play with Bowser in some platform segments.

  • Tatsurou

    You know what I’d like to see, even if it’s a fan made game?
    It starts off with Bowser Jr. having done one of his own attempts at villainy solo. He gets his ass kicked by Mario. But both push too far. Bowser Jr. comes home to King Bowser, and he’s in really bad shape.

    Cut to scene of Bowser looking in on Bowser Jr. in a hospital room. Then Bowser becomes enraged.

    Bowser: Mario will PAY for what he did to my son!

    Cut to Bowser making his way towards the Mushroom Kingdom. The Kingdom’s defenses start coming towards him, and he gets an angry glint in his eye.

    Gameplay is God of War style as you tear through the Mushroom Kingdom defenses with claws, teeth, spikes, and flames, and the occasional weapon.

    Finish as Bowser busts into the Throne Room. Peach is on the throne, trembling in fear. Mario steps forward.

    Mario: You aren’t-a kidnapping Princess-a Peach, Bowser!
    Bowser: Peach? I’m not here for Peach!

    Bowser laughs.

    Bowser: I’m here for you, Mario!

    He then presents Mario with notice of a civil and criminal suit against Mario, with charges of police brutality and suit for Bowser Jr.’s medical expenses.