Character Customization in a Nutshell [ COMIC ]

This is why I prefer JPRGs over western RPGs. Overall you have very little character customization and I can just leave their names as the defaults. For me that means less stress and more fun!


  • Kal

    Am I the only one who doesn’t spend hours creating a character in an RPG?

    • Jnite

      I don’t either…
      It’s more like days.

  • Sigurther

    Fantasy character names are easy. Pick a word from the dictionary with two or more syllables. Take off the first two, or last two letters/syllables, or both. Bingo! Fantasy (and sometimes scifi) character name! Or just find a random real name and replace a letter or two.

  • Pretty much. I hate when games have you create a character to play as. Hell, I don’t even like when games have you name already made characters when they already have names. I am not Link, I am not Red, I am not Cloud, I am me; so why would I pretend otherwise?

    • Tokoshoran

      In the case of Cloud, I renamed him simply so that my save wouldn’t be confused with my brother’s. He’s actually tried copying my save file to his own a few times, but I just point at it and say, “Nope, that’s my name. My file.”

  • Sky Render

    I don’t know if it’s just my creative side or what, but naming characters is never a problem for me. I still fondly remember my Oblivion Orc Gro-Gro Groyurboat, who went gently down the stream… of corpses he left in his wake.

  • AgapeForgotten

    Funny story.. semi related? The owner of Lear jets, named his second child Shanda Lear.
    Honestly as long as it is not an MMO, It’s easy. Name the main character after yourself as you will be controlling them as long as there is no default name. Matter of fact, in a game called Mother 3, the creator wasdepending on you to do that.

    For MMOs I use a baby name site and look for names with fitting meanings, editing as needed.