Change of View [ COMIC ]

This comic is an alternate version of another comic that I did 2007 (note the older art style and Phil Harrison is still with Sony). The original comic was created/intended for Hardcore Gamer Magazine, but they deemed it too mean. This was a much more gentler substitute that made print.

I guarantee that somebody is going to look at today’s comic. Ignore this posting directly below it. And create some rant on some forum claimed that I’m an idiot because I don’t know that Phil Harrison is no longer with Sony. Truth be told that I do know that Phil Harrison is no longer with Sony and that he is now the President of Infogrames Entertainment SA. Plus I know that there are many much better reasons out there that I am an idiot and that this was not one of them.

As you can guess by now, this comic is technically a filler… even though it is a complete comic. I guess that makes it fluffer. I could post the reasons why, but a lot of you prefer that I leave the vale up so you can still perceive me as some faceless ominous being that creates the comics, posts some words and fades into the shadows until next time. For everyone else, let me just say my reasons is just.