Cards Tell the Future [ COMIC ]

I fail to see the problem here. I have won many the Pokémon matches using standard deck of Tarot cards. Go Magician, I choose you!

source: Pie Comic


  • JP

    I wasn’t so lucky. The fortune teller I went to used to play Yugi-oh. *shudders*

    • JP

      It still could turn out ok, but her deck was comprised solely of Monster cards and Trap cards.

      • Battle Catman

        “Looks like you’re going to marry…the Dark Magician Girl!”


        “Ha! Your happiness has activated my Trap Card–“Jealous Ex-Boyfriend!” He destroys your car and deals 1000 points of damage directly to your face!”

        • JP

          Hmm, I guess my joke was too subtle. Just a hint: a trap card wasn’t supposed to mean the same kind of traps they use in Yugi-oh.