Can’t Spell Gaming Addiction without A.D.D. [ COMIC ]

You see, it’s not just me.

source: few in queue


  • WorMzy

    Dyslexics manage to spell it without A.D.D., something to think about, y/y?

  • JackVanElraton

    Sadly, this works for people with OCD as well. Still trying to systematically beat and find everything in games, but most of my gaming is spent on FFXI when the kids are in bed, or playing Wii games after work when they are awake. Glad they like Metroid, Mario, and Link as much as the parents do. Still have stacks of games we wish to play through at least once, but only played maybe the first hour or so before the children want more Mario, or a Linkshell event like Dynamis or Voidwatch goes on. At least my 3DS library is getting better completion stats out of the other stuff, besides my Lv.99 BLU.

  • My backlog isn’t quite that bad.

    Actually, no, thats a lie. I have some C64 games still in there.