Buy ALL the Editions [ COMIC ]

Game of the Year editions… ugh. “Game of the Year” is an absolute. So if I go into a retail store, I should only see one game of the year. Just like you can only have one best friend, but you can have multiple closest friends. Why? Because best is also an absolute.

I know, I know. Different media outlets offer up their opinions of what is the “Game of the Year” and that’s how there are like two dozen different titles carrying said label. But how about we make it more like the Academy Awards and you have to also clearly display who gave you that award. For example, “Oscar Winning Best Picture…” or “Golden Globe Winning Best Picture…”, but the average consumer has no idea what a Kotaku or IGN is so it will mean absolutely nothing to them.

Ugh… I guess I don’t have a perfect answer for this, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t find the whole thing annoying.


  • JohnnyH87

    Dead Island got a Game of the Year edition and only one Game of the Year award.
    The title is essentially meaningless.

  • Asq

    The only thing GOTY means to me is wait for the GOTY edition to go on a Steam sale so I get all the DLC/POB/XPansions at once for under $20.

    My gaming may not be cutting edge anymore, but my backlog is glorious.