Brocking Bad [ COMIC ]

Even after Breaking Bad has ended, people are still finding clever ways to associate it with video games. Using Brock, from the Pokémon franchise, in place of Brock Cantillo from Breaking Bad is brilliant.

That said, I’ve never really watched very much of Breaking Bad. Everyone I know, who as seen it, tells me that I need to stick with it because I will enjoy it. They’re probably right and I just might finish watching it one day, but as I explain: finding things to taking up time is not one of my top priorities. My priorities are, in fact, to do quite the opposite. So, maybe one day…


  • Alenonimo

    Breaking Bad is good because it’s like a train wreck that keeps going worse and worse and when you think things are getting better, they get worse pretty fast. You feel like cheering on the protagonists as they try to do the right stuff and seeing everything going bad. It’s super fun to watch.

  • bidoopoo

    I found it kind of a hard show to enjoy, let alone watch after I found out what it was Walter was planning to do. Something about having had someone in your own life almost die because of meth makes it difficult to cheer on a man manufacturing the stuff.

    Made it about five episodes in before I quit the show.