Brendan Brewer, Video Game Reviewer [ COMIC ]

I honestly think that most of us start our as a Brendan Brewer when we first take the plunge into “professionalism.” We don’t have all the information and we haven’t been doing it long enough to know what information we’re missing.

I remember, years ago, when I was working behind the scenes on Bored and Evil; I contacted DragonCon requesting to add Robert Koch, the creator of Bored and Evil, as a guest. The email I sent mentioned that the Bored and Evil averages 300 visitors a day. Back then I thought that was impressive… I know differently now. To put things in perspective, I do not think any site I run is large enough to warrant ME being a guest at DragonCon and Dueling Analogs easily sees 300 people visit the site within the first half hour of any given day.

On a side note, I actually created an article years ago for people starting out in webcomics. I feel it’s relevant here and not only for webcomics but for anyone looking tackle a new project venture.


  • Yue

    If you want to start as a reviewer, buy the games yourself at first and post video reviews on youtube, then when you get at least 300k to 500k subscribers and 50k views average on your videos, you can start asking around for free copies.

  • It depends on your medium. You would be shocked what a few dozen regular readers will do to get attention in certain realms. I’ve never had a site with more than 200 Twitter followers, yet I’ve had enough of a reader base that I get anywhere from 1 to 12 book review copies offered to me in a given month. As for games…they’re quite a bit stingier, and for good reason; I’ve only ever once gotten a review copy for a game.

  • Capn’ Spiffy

    I have a friend named Brandon, and this is something that I’m more than sure that hes tried.

  • Triaxx2

    Sounds like that old job ad thing. You must have x amount of experience to apply, but no one is willing to hire you so you can get the experience.