Brendan Brewer, Video Game Reviewer [ COMIC ]

I honestly think that most of us start our as a Brendan Brewer when we first take the plunge into “professionalism.” We don’t have all the information and we haven’t been doing it long enough to know what information we’re missing.

I remember, years ago, when I was working behind the scenes on Bored and Evil; I contacted DragonCon requesting to add Robert Koch, the creator of Bored and Evil, as a guest. The email I sent mentioned that the Bored and Evil averages 300 visitors a day. Back then I thought that was impressive… I know differently now. To put things in perspective, I do not think any site I run is large enough to warrant ME being a guest at DragonCon and Dueling Analogs easily sees 300 people visit the site within the first half hour of any given day.

On a side note, I actually created an article years ago for people starting out in webcomics. I feel it’s relevant here and not only for webcomics but for anyone looking tackle a new project venture.