Breaking the Waves [ COMIC ]

Imagine how much less fun tower defense games would be is the lead with their strongest forces first… Are tower defenses still a thing? I remember I used to play them all the time and then they just went away. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places anymore.


  • r1nka

    Plants vs Zombies 2 literraly came out yesterday.

    • I guess it is, but never really thought of Plants vs. Zombies as a tower defense. I probably should though.

  • Triaxx2

    They still are, but I haven’t found one fun since the condor outpost minigame in Final Fantasy VII.

  • DarkNightRJ

    I think Defense Grid has been the major one for the past few years. (Or whenever it came out) There is also things that mix tower defense with action. Games like Orcs Must Die and Sanctum. But I think most standard tower defense has migrated to mobile.

    • Armane

      Defense Grid 2 is also on the horizon.

  • shri

    i mostly play on internet browser tower defense, and the best for me is the GemCraft serie… I spend countless hours on it. more recently, I played Cursed Treasure 2 and Symbiosis – Greenland that are nice game too.

    but if I should give an advice to any tower defense fan, it would be to take a look to Knuckle Cracker’s works creeper world 1, 2 and soon 3 ( it’s not a “traditional” tower defense as you fight some kind of liquid instead of wave of enemy, it’s look more like a strategy game, but it’s definitely worth a try!

  • anima

    lol the ff7 tower defense minigame was so pointless it was more efficent to fail on purpose and just kill the commander in a regular battle.

    • Jarntazecht

      Did you still get the bonuses for doing it?

  • Jarntazecht

    Friend of mine and I just recently started playing Dungeon Defenders. That’s the best tower defense game I’ve played.