Bottoms Up! [ COMIC ]

I always imagined that red potions tasted like cough medicine.



  • Bruno Tâmara Ribeiro

    Now, I wonder what could that purple thing in his inventory be…

    • Halrawk

      Protein drink.

  • I usually imagined fruit punch— but that may be wishful thinking.

    Green potions, particularly in Zelda, were Mountain Dew, and blue ones were usually the chemstick goop.

  • Alexander Merchant

    Why did he level up in the last panel? If it was going to happen at all, shouldn’t it have happened in the very first, if not earlier? The words he uses (and the way red potions stereotypically work), it sounds like they’re HEALING potions, so how are they giving him exp?

    Something like this really shouldn’t ruin the joke so much for me, but it does.