Books are Destroying an Entire Generation of Minds [ COMIC ]

I used that exact same argument and me done think I do turn good…

Actually, my daughters are really into reading themselves. My oldest is in 2nd grade and is plowing through the Magic Tree House book series and my youngest is in preschool and she is really enjoying the Fly Guy series, not to be confused with Fly Guys from the Super Mario Bros. series that are really just Shy Guys, but with propellors on their heads. But remember kids, there’s a time to read and there’s a time to game, unless of course you are playing a visual novel or Final Fantasy XIII (ZING!) and then they are one in the same.


  • yue

    Most games these days are like books too… Awful books granted but still the same.
    You are given a fake sense of “freedom” when in fact you are still being taken by the hand and progress through the “story” someone else created, often at their own pace with cutscenes/talking preventing from even opening a god damn door to continue on.
    At least books don’t give you false hope, you know what you’re getting in from the get go.

    • Agreed. Player agency doesn’t really exist in video games. It’s an elaborate illusion.

      Hence why I play tabletop RPGs nowadays.