Blowback [ COMIC ]

It will be fun enough to explain to our grandchildren what physical media was, imagine how much more fun explaining the exploitative things we had to do just to make it work (usually) will be.

Funny thing I learned from being a manager at Funcoland, was that while you were blowing on the games you were also putting saliva on them. Saliva that could cause the connections to corrode. At least that’s what I was told. Sound believable, but never actually saw such damage.

While on the topic of Nintendo Entertainment System, check out an earlier comic with a similar premise and my very first animated GIF on the site, as well.


  • CC

    From what I remember blowing on the connectors oxidized them which you could kind of see if you did it often.

    BUT my favorite was that cartridges specifically said not to use Rubbing Alcohol on the connectors but the cleaning kit told you that’s what you should use….

  • jnite

    Why does every kid in the future have pink punk rocker hair? Everything from tv to comics predict that in the future, every single child and teenager will go through the pink rocker hair phase. I can’t be the only one who has noticed this.

  • Vortex

    That “Fuck Yeah” moment.

  • Jarrett

    At least it was easier than dealing with a Red Ring of Death

  • J. G.

    When I was young, I was paranoid about the damage saliva could cause to the game connectors, so my brother and I would put a piece of cloth in front of our mouths (usually our shirts) before blowing on the cartridge. Worked every time.

  • UltimaGabe

    All I know is, no matter what anybody says about blowing in the consoles or how cruddy the systems could get, think about what the average life expentancy of a console back in 1990 was compared to the average life expectancy of consoles this gen. I guarantee you there’s more complaints of systems having hardware failure or controllers breaking/wearing down now than back in the NES’s days. True, you had to blow in the stupid thing, or shift the cartridge back and forth every three or four times every day, but you didn’t have to worry about the RROD or the YLOD or… whatever can go wrong with the Wii. Just sayin’.

    • PrinceJonathan

      True, true, and here it is 2012 and my SNES (almost 20yrs old!) STILL WORKS!!!

      And my N64 games have gotten to the point they need to be blown into or wiggled around to get them to work, but they still do. I even cracked my copy of Majora’s Mask over my knee, putting a huge hole in the back of it, cause I got mad at one of those stupid minigames you have to get an absolute PERFECT on 3 times in a row, but IT STILL WORKS!!!

      But half the games I have for my PS2 and Gamecube refuse to work, they “disk read error” like crazy, yet they don’t have a scratch on them. I’ll be playing Paper Mario, doing the Pit of Trials (100 floor enemy rush w/ SuperBoss & NO SAVE POINT), half way down, “Cannot Read Disk” Black Screen of Death EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!

  • banjo2E

    I never had to blow on my cartridges.

    Fuck yeah N64!

  • ed

    two words: CANNED AIR

  • lazereyes

    he didn’t go into what technique he used since you know everyone had their own special way to do it

  • neojb1989

    “Thats the WHY we did it!”
    Gotta love da typo.

  • i really wish we would go back to carts, they work better, are more dependable, highly more durable and no loading times. with our modern technology, we could takes carts above and beyond what any thought was possible!

    • Sadly, even with advances in technology, it’s still more expensive to make carts than CD based media. And companies are ALL about saving money. I think the only thing we can count on staying cart based is Nintendo’s hand helds. Cause we all know how the UMD failed so hard. Nintendo isn’t going to risk going down that road.

  • Nemo

    I remember those days. So fun to blow into a cartridge just to play a game for 15-20 minutes before the 8-bit death screen popped up, because of some moisture on the connectors.

  • Jeff

    Recently busted out my old NES to introduce my nearly three year old daughter to Duck Hunt. Took a little air to get it going, but worked.

  • Stefan

    I used to comment on the internet but then I took an SOPA to the knee.

    • Phaelin


    • BigLord

      So you got soup all over your knee? I hope it wasn’t boiling.