Bitstrips Your Dignity From You [ COMIC ]

First off, I just want to let everyone know that I have never even seen, let alone used, the Bitstrips comic creator tool. My knowledge of Bitstrips is limited to the countless “comics” that people I know on Facebook post to their feeds. <sarcasm>Thanks for those.</sarcasm>

So when I see these endless Bitstrips that people post on Facebook, it makes me question what other people actually consider funny. Now I’m not going to tell you that everything I create is comedic gold, I am the last person who would EVER do that, but I do understand that there is a formula for telling a joke. These… things don’t adhere to any comedic formula I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because of a limitation of the tool, maybe it’s because these Bitstrips are just too much of an inside joke, or maybe they’re just suppose to be funny like an art house film, I never really got those either, regardless the humor of Bitstrips is completely lost on me… Well, I’ll admit that I have smiled at a couple, but those were the ones joking on Bitstrips itself.

Nonetheless, I long for a day where my Facebook feed is not littered with an endless array of Bitstrips. I remember a time when everyone was creating GoAnimate! animations as well and that time has passed. It is only inevitable that this will pass too. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Go Animate! An Animation Revolution


  • Bitstrips seem to be the latest Rage Comics. The main idea is that they are very niche, basically inside jokes, and it makes them happy. I’m lucky enough not to have a ton in my FB stream, but I figure it’s really no different from memes in that it provides a way for people to express things they find funny in a template.

    As a friend of mine said, if it gets more people to like comics, then maybe it’s a good thing in the long run.

  • Thamios

    If you’re getting fed up by the Bitstrips comics, you can block them. In the upper right of all posts on your feed, there’s a down arrow. Click it and it should have an option to block BitStrips. Haven’t seen one on my feed all month.

    • 21michael

      THANK you! Have a friend that have been posting these nonstop lately, so this tip is highly appreciated.

    • Lektio

      Praise be to Thamios, cleaner of Facebook feeds!

  • McZee

    Some people can use bitstrips creatively and think outside the box (ie, the default settings/captions). Others… well, they have good intentions, but their comics really do nothing but highlight their lack of imagination. I’m guessing you’re seeing more of the latter?

  • Sabbo

    Bitstrip comics are a medium, and it’s up to each creator to make good use of it. Any lack of humor you see is almost entirely the fault of the person who put it together. (And lack of artistic merit is entirely the fault of whoever thought of the idea of Bitstrips)

  • Phaelin

    Huh, I literally have not been on Facebook and months. I wonder how bad it is.

    *goes to check*

    Thankfully all my friends are still stuck on the someecards train. I guess it’s a matter of time.

  • Triaxx2

    Not everyone is a great artist. Some people write well, while others can’t draw at all.

    • xkcd is drawn poorly, not even sure how well Randall Munroe can really draw, but the writing is top notch. The artwork in Bitstrips is arguably better than that of xkcd so that’s not the limiting factor. Bad writing regardless of how the artwork looks, or if there is even artwork in the first place, is still bad writing.

      • Lektio

        If the posts,, and are any indication, he can draw fairly well – he just doesn’t seem to bother, or maybe it requires too much effort – or maybe that was a long time ago and his abilities have since atrophied/

        Be forewarned – these seem to be from a philosophical part of his life, and aren’t too terribly funny (nor do they seem to be trying.)