Bitstrips Your Dignity From You [ COMIC ]

First off, I just want to let everyone know that I have never even seen, let alone used, the Bitstrips comic creator tool. My knowledge of Bitstrips is limited to the countless “comics” that people I know on Facebook post to their feeds. <sarcasm>Thanks for those.</sarcasm>

So when I see these endless Bitstrips that people post on Facebook, it makes me question what other people actually consider funny. Now I’m not going to tell you that everything I create is comedic gold, I am the last person who would EVER do that, but I do understand that there is a formula for telling a joke. These… things don’t adhere to any comedic formula I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s because of a limitation of the tool, maybe it’s because these Bitstrips are just too much of an inside joke, or maybe they’re just suppose to be funny like an art house film, I never really got those either, regardless the humor of Bitstrips is completely lost on me… Well, I’ll admit that I have smiled at a couple, but those were the ones joking on Bitstrips itself.

Nonetheless, I long for a day where my Facebook feed is not littered with an endless array of Bitstrips. I remember a time when everyone was creating GoAnimate! animations as well and that time has passed. It is only inevitable that this will pass too. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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