Billy Gets His Wish [ COMIC ]

If Mario doesn’t know which mushrooms are edible, by now, then it was only a matter of time before this happened.


  • nibelung

    Every mushroom is edible. Some of them, only once, but…

    • BronzeScorpion

      Every mushroom can only be eaten once or are you shitting out intact mushrooms?

      • skyrender

        Clearly you’ve never heard of the old Scandinavian practice of drinking the urine of a moose that’s eaten amanita mushrooms to get high off of the remaining toxins from said mushrooms. I’m not even kidding.

        • BronzeScorpion

          I have heard of vikings letting the women eat poisonous mushrooms (the very same Amanita, as in your story) and then have them puke it up, so the males could get high by eating the vomit. Still wouldn’t consider it eating the mushrooms again, it is a whole new product. (The stories are now considered myths, but I have been taught them anyway).

          Bonus fact: I am Scandinavian myself.

          • skyrender

            I had it slightly off. It’s deer that tend to eat amanita, and it’s more common that this practice occurred in Siberia than in Scandinavia. That said, people drinking the amanita-laced urine of ungulates does in fact have a historical precedent.

          • BronzeScorpion

            Cool. Drinking animal urine doesn’t seem far fetched to me, considering what other weird foods and drinks there is out there (e.g. fermented poisonous shark).

          • Rafael Martins

            …escalated quite quickly.