Big Trouble in Little Gamers [ COMIC ]

In the beginning, all the webcomics I read were gaming webcomics. One of these webcomics was Little Gamers. Much as in a lot of gaming comics, sometimes the strips have nothing to do with gaming at all. I thought I’d not only poke a little fun at this, but the complete randomness of Little Gamers‘ sense of humor.

Side note, I had my copy of Little Gamers: Book #1 signed by its creators Pontus Madsen and Christian Fundin at Otakon last year. Pontus signed it “FAP, FAP, FAP…” and Christian signed it “KAKA!” (Pontus explained to me that this means cookie in Swedish)… still I did have the fap, fap, fap in my book.

You might have noticed the mushroom on Harvey’s shirt. Its the one up from Super Mario Brothers… its also an “extra life”. Why? Because yesterday was the five year anniversary to fellow gaming webcomic ExtraLife. So hop on over there and show its creator Scott Johnson a little love.