Bidoof to the Rescue [ COMIC ]

Man, I cannot stand Bidoof. Hands down he is my least favorite Pokémon. Something about the character design that just rubs me the wrong way. Its name doesn’t help either.


  • Yue

    Why do you keep a level 4 bidoof in your team when your other pokemons are level 40+.. by then I’m sure you’ve caught higher level/better pokemon all around than a stupid bidoof..

    • Zero

      Bidoof due to his versatile nature can learn the following, Cut, Strength, Surf and Depending on Gen, Dive, Waterfall, Whirlpool. This has lead many players to use what is known as in Pokemon as a HM Slave. A pokemon specifically devoted to Hms so the rest of the party can have a better Move Set. Typically Bidoof isn’t leveled up much. Or sometimes at all because the players who use this strategy has the rest of their team as decked out in IV/EVs as possible.

  • Xuncu

    To paraphrase Mr S.L. Jackson, he, indeed, looks like a bitch.

    At least Rattata’s drawn like he’s ready to start some shit, and the Rocket and Rival Ratticades were a decent threat.

  • Harui

    Nosepass is the one I can’t stand, ugh.

  • When Suddenly…