Better than Plumbing [ COMIC ]

This is a definitely a clever idea for other professions that Mario could of had wish would have made his life easier. Let’s see if we can think of any more.

If Mario would have been a banker, he would have had access large amounts of gold coins and in turn to an almost astronomical amount of extra lives. Besides that he probably could have used that money to bride or negotiate with Bowser for Princess Peaches released. Granted, none the the money that he had access to would actually be his. So I guess it would make him a villain too. Curse you Banker Mario.

Or he could have been a… Well… Damn! Thinking of these, without seeming repetitious, is actually harder than you might think. If you’ve got any other ideas for better professions Mario could have had, I’m all ears.



  • llufetsat

    Mario was a carpenter in Donkey Kong.

  • exa
  • @llufetsat Beat me to it. He also did the pilot thing in Super Mario Land.

  • TheEverDrunk

    Bodybuilder, leaping vast distances crushing various baddies betwixt his glutes, benching yoshi to get a boost on speed and agility… We won’t even go into steroid abuse.

  • ShinobiPhoenix

    Mario as a Politician, he would just invaded Bowser’s Domain to get the Princess Peach instead of putting himself in danger all the time.

    …or [insert Drone joke]

  • Tatsurou

    I want to play Ninja Mario.

    As for suggestions, what about actor Mario? Pretend to be a parakoopa, sneak into the castle, pretend to be Bowser, get the passwords out of the koopa kid, pretend to be the koopa kid, sneak into Bowser’s castle…