Battlefield 4… [ COMIC ]

Kids take precedence over video games, unless of course you are a bad parent and then I would assume that a lot of things unnecessarily take precedence over your kids. Unless it’s a dire emergency or bedtime you should simply be able to calm your kid down, place them on your lap, and resume gaming. If you’re playing an online title, make sure to give your kid the headphones and microphone; other gamers love that.

In all honesty, there’s a time to game and when you become a parent that window of opportunity shrinks. Fortunately the rewards of having children outweigh any achievement you could ever get on Xbox Live.

source: chainsawsuit


  • yue

    Unfortunately… I know many people who don’t give 2 damn about their kids, they could be killing themselves 1 meter away from them and they would still stay there and play on their phone/some random online game on console/pc. This applies to both men and women.

  • Jeff

    I was playing Modern Warfare 2 one night and this happened. Daughter started crying, I said something, and hid in a corner. Came back to find myself booted with negative feedback about being a quitter.