House of Mario Kart: Avengers [ COMIC ]

If Monopoly is the board game destroyer of families and friendships, which one of Nintendo’s titles it their video game equivalent? Is it the Mario Party or Mario Kart franchise?

In Mario Party, skills and rules mean nothing. You could have won every mini-game challenge and collected a million-bjillion stars, but at the end you still lose because some character decides to award another player a million-kajillion more stars because they were in last place.

In Mario Kart, there is more of a skill aspect to the game, but then there’s always that dreaded Blue Shell. If you’re in first place, you’re that shells only target. Congratulations! You could drive a perfect game, only to wind up losing because of this unfair device. MOTHER FU-

You decide. I’ve pretty much already made my mind up, but there might be some other Nintendo titles that I am forgetting. And Gyromite doesn’t count.