House of Mario Kart: Avengers [ COMIC ]

If Monopoly is the board game destroyer of families and friendships, which one of Nintendo’s titles it their video game equivalent? Is it the Mario Party or Mario Kart franchise?

In Mario Party, skills and rules mean nothing. You could have won every mini-game challenge and collected a million-bjillion stars, but at the end you still lose because some character decides to award another player a million-kajillion more stars because they were in last place.

In Mario Kart, there is more of a skill aspect to the game, but then there’s always that dreaded Blue Shell. If you’re in first place, you’re that shells only target. Congratulations! You could drive a perfect game, only to wind up losing because of this unfair device. MOTHER FU-

You decide. I’ve pretty much already made my mind up, but there might be some other Nintendo titles that I am forgetting. And Gyromite doesn’t count.


  • Dash12345678

    I’d have to say that even in spite of the luck of the draw scenarios in Mario Kart, Mario Party is the clear victor.

    In online play for instance, in Mario Kart Wii, if you’ve ever played it it’s quite likely that you’ve seen that one guy that some impossible way got half a lap or more ahead of everyone else? When you’ve gotten that big of a lead just by driving impeccably well and using those bannanas to absorb every red or green shell that’s come after you, you can afford to take a couple blue shells. And I can personally vouch for a lot of those people not using hacks of any sort (in spite of how easy it apparently is to hack MKW) because on the rare occasion I was able to build that huge lead. I felt pretty good about myself for a time, until I found other skilled players through certain websites, who put me in my place (I was nothing to them).

  • JP

    For one reason or another, whenever Dr. Banner is on the lead nobody dares to use blue shells…

  • Andtalath

    In SNES, the thunderbolt could kinda change the course.
    Everything else?

    Pretty fair.

    Except for eternal stars on the mario brothers (well, two per lap, which is virtually the same thing), but that only applies to comps ;)

    N64 had that blue shell, however, it was extremely rare and didn’t in general help the person using it, so it was fine.

    Double decker was the last one I played, when my sister beat me in it by getting powerups which not only attacked me when I was in front, but also took her along with her.

    A game should never truly punish being first, that is just crappy style.

    Note that the SNES version had this right as well, if you beat their estimated max lap speeds, you did get away from them, even on 150 cc Rainbow Road.
    Special cup is a bitch to get 45 points in, but possible.

    • Jeff

      I have loved all the Mario Kart games. The things each new incarnation adds to the game (bigger roster, new abilities, whatever) have been nice, but that is the one thing I miss, actually being able to get away from the computer. I remember being able to lap 3 or 4 of them at times on certain tracks.

  • oldtaku

    There’s also Smash Bros. Or the 4 person ‘real’ Mario games like Super Mario 3D World which is more sabotage than cooperation.

    I’m going with Mario Kart though, just because there’s so little skill involved in Mario Party that it’s hard to feel cheated. It was all random anyhow! And mostly pretty boring. Hard to get worked up.

  • Triaxx2

    I see your Mario Kart and raise you Wii Sports Tennis.