Attention Deficit Disorder [ COMIC ]

Under similar circumstances, can you honestly say you wouldn’t do the same?

source: Ryot IRAS


  • Derek
  • LilPimpT

    …hahahahahahaha. That’s about it. I’ve always wondered too where the extra birds came from, too.. And furthermore, who cleans up the mess after they’re done pecking you to death? Blood, turds, maybe an eyeball..And god the feathers. LoZ has one -hell- of a janitor.

  • fishpotato

    Sure is cOLD in here.


    I like how people just spontaneously kick chickens.

  • justanotherhuman

    Never fuck with a Cucco…

  • PrinceJon

    I don’t think Link can actually kick a chicken, I don’t recall a “kick” button in any Zelda game I’ve played.

    But yes if the princess don’t put out she can piss off.

    When Link walks in to face Ganon I like to picture Link throwing the Master sword and the Triforce of Courage to the ground and just walk out of there…or become Ganon’s pretty fairyboy-toy.