Arabian Nice… [ COMIC ]

Couldn’t Aladdin just Shenron to make Genie give him unlimited wishes, while he’s at it too?


  • Paul

    To be fair, he could just use them both on each other. Summon the dragon, ask him to give the genie multiple wish potential and now you can use them both infinitely. Aladdin becomes God.

    • FuzzyWulfe

      That only works if it doesn’t exceed Shenron’s power. Not quite sure how it’s determined beyond plot, but Shenron has been asked to do many things beyond his power.

      • redjarman

        he can reform entire planets and bring the dead back to life what the fuck is out of his power

        • Luke Hankins

          i think you could easily justify that by saying affecting cosmic powers far out weigh matter and mortal souls in required energy.

      • I’m glad someone posted this, otherwise I would have. To put it pedantically, Shenron can only affect people whose powers are less than his own, unless they consent. Since no one consents to being killed, this arguably couldn’t work.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Shenron’s thought process is generally “would that !@#$ with the plot too much?”