Another Castle [ COMIC ]

Such an epic Super Mario Bros. comic, it definitely needed to be shared.

source: deviantART
via: Reddit


  • Alastor

    There are not nearly enough words to describe the amount of awesome there…

  • blackguard

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  • BigLord

    Holy crap this is incredible.

    When Peach kissed Luigi = WhaaaAA?… ooooh! That makes sense!

  • Sai

    Thank you for sharing this piece of epic with a hint of awesome.

  • IheartLxLight

    Wow. Just wow. Epicness, fo’ sho’.

  • MindTricked

    That… was too damn awesome.

  • Brefin

    Mind = blown.

  • antiavenger

    Mario Noir! Exactly what I needed at the end of my day!

  • Mehosz

    It’s kinda sad if you think about it. I feel sorry for Mario because he’s basically in a delusional state of mind.

  • thewood

    The sequel on the guys’ deviantart page is just as good.

  • Brandon

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E[insert infinite exclamation marks]

    This is the sh*t (pardon my french) that really gets my nostalgia going. Even though I have zero time to play and I cannot consider myself a gamer anymore things like these remind me of (better) times when one’s only occupation was to game *tear to the eye*