An Update is Available For Your Computer [ COMIC ]

I really wanted to share this comic, created by Christiann MacAuley of Sticky Comics, with you. Because it is so true… And funny. as well.


  • MrK

    And when your Windows OS is pirated, it’s the same as for Linux. :D

    • rockband666

      Hands up: Who checked up if they had upgrades avalible after seeing the comic?

      *puts hand up*

  • WorMzy

    Hah, not sure about the Mac one, but the Linux and Windows reactions are spot on.

    • As a Mac user, I can vouch that that reaction is pretty spot on.

  • BigLord

    Yeah, that’s pretty much correct for me, too :P

    Except I’m more like “Meh, again?” when it comes to windows. I don’t find it particularly annoying.

    • I don’t find it irritating. I just install away – after all, bug fixes are good for you :P

      • Windows updates are easy enough on modern Windows, but on XP…not so much. And universe help you before that.

  • Sticky Comics is great.