Amiibo Effect [ COMIC ]

Amiibo figures are like electronic Beanie Babies.


  • Amiibo

    All these Amiibo and I still can not find any reason to get one. I think using them as Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. is cool, but no other game uses them in the same interesting and innovative way as to make it worth getting one, much less the complete collection.

    • Nobody

      I agree with that. Besides looking pretty on the shelf what can they do that saving onto existing memory devices can’t?

      Oh! I can make a custom bot and take it over to a friends house so we can watch his bot fight my bot. That could have been done with an SD card holding several bots instead of a figure for each one.

  • Amiibo toys are the stupidest thing Nintendo has come out with in a while.

    • Just SomeDude

      If Nintendo’s ideas are so stupid, why is their revenue dropping steadily?

      Oh wait..

    • Oscar

      If by stupid, you mean million dollar profit, I néed more stupid ideas like those