Adventures with RGB [ COMIC ]

Now I know why I relate to Gary Oaks so well.

Judging by the dialog colors, it looks like the artist of this comic is going by the Japanese versions that has Green as a boy and Blue as a girl.


  • oldtaku

    Artist does ref it, but for those who don’t know what danshikou is, it’s a pretty amusing anime/manga called (English version) ‘The Daily Lives of High School Boys’. This is a scene from it. IIRC there ‘Blue’ was ‘Red’s little sister, but wouldn’t swear to that.

    • theycallmetomu

      I am deeply deeply ashamed that I didn’t pick up on that. Please forgive me while I go commit Otaku Seppuku.

  • ezzeloharr

    男子高校生の日常 for those wanting the Japanese title.

  • PrinceJonathan

    In Green/Blue/Gary’s (I AM SO CONFUSED) defense it makes him feel pretty. (He must be more confused than I am!)

  • 6yue

    Umm… Pretty sure I saw this like.. on pokememe/memebase before.