A Whole New World [ COMIC ]

If Aladdin is trying to convince Jasmine to marry Jafar, then he’s doing a very good job at it.

source: Iguanamouth


  • Jnite

    Aladdin chooses Magikarpet!
    Jafar evolves into Arbok!

  • joe c

    Woulda been funnier if you called it a “Magikarp Pet Ride,” Aladdin!

  • PrinceJonathan

    Ha-Ha! The pun is funny because it’s bad.

  • Sensei Le Roof

    Aw come on, he’s just steppen(wolf)…

  • thewood

    We always knew Aladdin was a bit of a dork, we just didn’t know how much of one until now.

  • I used to magicarp but arrow and knees. herp derp