A tear jerking story about Animal Crossing [ COMIC ]

This story tugs on the heartstrings of even the most hardened of gamers.

source: ThisIsGame


  • Abscond

    wow… that really touched my heart…

  • ThePeebs

    My grand-mother used to love watching me play Zelda, Orcarina of Time. She thought Epona was cute, she also thought I over-worked poor link and his legs must be tired, but that was always the joke. Now she’s gone (3 months ago), I wanted to play it recently, but I couldn’t bring myself to play.

    • No one going to mention that in Animal Crossing, your avatar’s mother sends you gift? No one has the heart?

      • Nyuuchan353

        Hello, Mr. Killjoy. It…ahh forget it. No sense in wasting my time over this. It’s the memories. The sentiments. The lamenting, etc. that make this heartwarming, not the logic.

  • NickNackGus

    Makes me wish you could do this in other games. It would have made the original NES games so much easier. 99-up mushroom, Mario?

  • chip90

    the most touching video game related thing ive ever read

  • I cry easily at most things, this is one of those things that made me tear up, while sitting at my desk at work.

  • Falos

    So old… that it was able to get to me again.

  • Stone

    First read this years ago, in that time, I’ve grown up, created a family, and had to hold it together as my Father-in-law passed.

    I think of my brother-in-law, and all the times his father stood, watching him play games… I wish he’d taken up the controller, now.

  • Candy

    My brother passed away last year at the age of 27 from bad ‘artificial weed’. All of us kids grew up playing pokemon and that’s something I still do to this day. A few months ago I happened upon my firered game and was like ‘hey I feel like playing this again’ and booted it up. Low and behold the last person to play on it was said brother. He had beaten the elite 4 and everything. I’ve gathered up the newer games so I can play them and get his pokemon over to the newest games so I can have them eventually. He didn’t leave much in his passing for possessions but I’ll take the pokemon he raised.

  • Red Falcon

    As sad as this may have been, I wasn’t that affected by it based on the fact that that probably wasn’t their actual mother sending them the gifts but instead the ingame digital mother that constantly sends short simple messages with gifts, exactly like what it showed, so… I assume it wasn’t actually the mom doing all that.