A Star is Born [ COMIC ]

You know what? If the whole Jar Jar Binks was a sith master thing actually came true, then Jar Jar would have been one of the best characters in the Star Wars universe. True story.

Don’t know what I am talking about? Then, watch the video below.

Darth Jar Jar – Star Wars Theory

source: Maximumble


  • Anonymous

    Ridicule is a culture correcting mechanism for society. Thank it for circulating better awareness on subjects like antibiotics and vaccinations. It mocks the dysfunctional, it’s critical of broken things to fix, it pressures improvements. I don’t even have a twitter account (lol socnets) and I still know “edit button fucking when”. These remain true even when the delivery is inelegant or just plain rude.

    This is all probably hard to understand if you think the universe revolves around you. I had to stop reading Hallbeck ages ago. The good ones weren’t enough to keep me.

    • Metal C0Mmander

      Fucking seriously! You think all the inssults are warrented for the oh so heinous crime of liking a fictional character? Here’s a thought. Instead of making someone feel like shit by calling them idiots why don’t you first try giving them actual arguments for them to think about?

      • Anonymous

        Oh dear, you think I’m myopic as you and thought the tldr post was narrowly addressing one specific instance of a larger abstract.

        Discuss ideas, not people. Bonus effect: Sidesteps the name-calling you’re so worried about.

        • Metal C0Mmander

          Really shouldn’t be getting into these kind of arguments because I’m not that good at them but fuck it since I started already…

          First of: You started a discussion about the larger abstract concept of ridicule when talking about a post that was about people insulting other people about their interests so you can understand how it looks like you are ok with that. Or to give a other less elegant if maybe more understandable exemple it’s like if you started talking about carrying a weapon to defend something while talking about a weapon that was obviously used for an unprovoked murder then it would look weird.

          Second point (and maybe I should have started by it): While it’s true that people will sometimes feel ridicule or shame and there’s nothing that could be done about it when you are trying to enage and change them but you at least have to try and mitigate the impact of those feeling. Again you might not have to get rid of all of it but you have to try to get rid of as much as you can.