A Noble Quest [ COMIC ]

In Dragon Warrior Quest, a blue slime is the very first enemy you encounter in the game. If you’re not willing to kill that, then the Dragonlord has already won.

On a side note, during my second playthrough of the original Dragon Quest I did accept the Dragonlord’s offers to split the world and rule half of it as his ally. Best decision I ever made.

source: MMOs.com


  • Wisdomcube2000

    I had no trouble killing things, since it was always self defense. Now if the slime in question just stood there giving me sad puppy eyes or that derpy smiley face while waiting for me to kill it, I don’t think I could do it lol.

    • Hegalica

      This slime actually resembles a Poring fro Ragnarok Online.
      These dude just hop around and eat apples.

  • Anonymous

    lol noob. go whack some giant rats, noob. then buy better gear, noob. move up to ice spiders and fire golems and doing good noob oh shit it’s water temple time you best buckle your britches son.