A Most Sirius Situation [ COMIC ]

I saw soooooooo many Joker costumes while I was at Nekocon this weekend. Some where good, but most of them were not. Some were just bad lipstick on their faces. I wasn’t sure if they were trying to be the Joker or Steve Buscemi’s character from Billy Madison. Nonetheless, this is what popped into my mind while seeing them. Told the idea that had popped into my head to a friend of mine and he groaned. At that point I knew it was worth making a comic out of.

I had originally planned to run a sketch comic yesterday and then run a new Dueling Analogs today. But this was a little more elaborate than just a sketch strip, so I changed it up a little. As of right now, I’m running this today (obviously) and I will run two new gaming themed comics on Wednesday and Friday this week. I think that should work.

I also wanted to make sure that I mentioned the cool webcomic people I got to spend some time with this weekend: Ananth, Brian, Chris, Danny, Dave, Donnie, Garth, Mookie, Rich, Peekaboo and Yuko. As well as some cool non-webcomic people too: Brendan, Dizzy, Jim, Nelly and Sako. There were others, too. But to the best of my knowledge they don’t have URLs and I was too lazy and cheap to buy them for them.

Also, I really want to mention that I had an awesome time at Nekocon and they treated all the guests there like they were friggin’ Akira Toriyama. It was just plain awesome. Thanks again for having me and I’m definitely looking forward to Nekocon 12 next year. But way before then, I will see you guys on Wednesday!