A Man of Few Words [ COMIC ]

Link is just one of those strong quiet types.

source: deviantART


  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    Where are his pants?

    • Who put on his tights and pierced his ear in OoT?

  • PrinceJonathan

    This comic reminds me of a flash movie I saw once, I think it was on Newgrounds. It showed Link in a school environment and depicted him as a special-needs student who could only communicate in HI-HYUT-YAHS.

    If my theory is correct, that Link is actually the incarnation of a god stronger than Din, Nayru, Farore, and Hylia (Think Tenchi Muyo). Then perhaps his voice is so powerful if he actually spoke a real word it would shatter the world.

    Wind Waker Link’s “Come on” doesn’t count as he’s not of the hero’s bloodline, he doesn’t even have the Triforce after WW, it’s currently sitting at the bottom of the ocean. I wonder if they’ll revisit it? I hope so, Phantom Hourglass was ok, but I hate Spirit Tracks. I hate that damn train, those damn rabbits and those damn duets!

    Since the WW timeline has discovered the steam engine Nintendo should make a steampunk Legend of Zelda. With no goddamn motion control gimmicks.

    • Phaelin

      We’re getting so close to Steampunk Zelda. Maybe they’ll jump forward and do ZELDA IN SPACE. Or not, please, anything but that.

      • Tokoshoran

        Oh, man, just imagine. Vaati is some alien overlord, Ganon is a supersoldier, the gods are AIs still present… And rather than believing he’s a fairy, Tingle’s a grown human who believes he’s an alien.

        Just to add the rotten cherry on top, he could be Link’s Navi through some PDA.

        • PrinceJonathan

          No that sounds too sci-fi, like you crossed Zelda with Halo. That’s too far a leap to go from Steam Engine to fricken Star Wars!

          No what I want to see is Link on a motorcycle with an automatic crossbow. Maybe have airships and sky pirates…gerudo sky pirates…scantly clad gerudo sky pirates…yeah.