A Love-Hate Relationship [ COMIC ]

The Steam Summer Sale is in full effect. How is everyone holding out, this time?

source: Scusate, colpa mia.


  • Console Chairman

    $3.75 spent, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, so pretty good. I cannot, however, say the same of my control in the GOG.com summer sale, out $50-100 somewhere (buying too frequently, I’ll count when it’s over)

    • JP

      Yeah I barely ever look at Steam these days, but I can’t get away from GOG’s sale. Too many great games (DRM-Free makes them 1000 times better YAY) at nice prices and I got 4 games for FREE! At least 2 of which I was willing to pay money for.

      Sorry Valve, but whenever the same game is sold on both stores there’s no real competition. GOG wins, hands down, every single time.