A Link to the Past [ COMIC ]

Time travel is always the best solution to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

See that?! I linked “unwanted pregnancy” to the Braid comic I did and not this Portal comic. Classy.


  • K7

    Zelda is lying. It’s not Link’s kid at all. They actually need to do it first, and we all know she has turned him down every time.

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      See, when it comes to Mario, I’ve always interpreted “I’ll bake you a cake” as innuendo. Remember, these are games nominally for usage by children, so “WE SHALL BONE WILDLY” isn’t something you’re going to hear overtly. But I don’t recall Zelda ever having a “I’ll bake you a cake” style moment. So while normally these “the hero does so much yet never gets laid!” lines just annoy me, I guess for Zelda, maybe it makes sense.

      ON THE OTHER HAND, each given Link only rescues each given Zelda once, so it’s a totally different dynamic. There’s lotsa links and lotsa Zeldas after all.

      • Tatsurou

        Actually, there are some Zelda games that are direct sequels to others, with the same Link and Zelda.
        Admittedly, the only set I can think of off the top of my head is Windwaker and Phantom Hourglass, but the point stands.

      • K7

        The only character who has ever expressed interest is Ruto, and Nobooru if you want to stretch it.