A Brain Age Puzzle [ COMIC ]

The Fourth of July is a United States’ holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. That’s my history lesson for the day. I’m spending the holiday with my family and I hope that everyone has a Happy Fourth of July regardless of your nationality…But it probably means more if you’re American.

Oh! Happy, belated, Canada Day to my brethren of the north.


  • Ido013

    Call me stupid but I don’t get how dividing the 7th month in four then taking one piece makes the 4th of July?

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      You’re dividing July into four. Therefore, you have fourths of July. But you only take one, and it is happy. Ergo, it is the HAPPY forth of July.

      • Delta Force Leader

        It’s not the fact that your taking a single piece that makes it happy.

        “Tell me what do you get when you divide the seventh month into JOYOUS quarters and from that take a single piece?”

        So you get Joyous Quarters of the 7th month -A.K.A.- a Happy 4th of July

      • Ido013

        Wow I must’ve been really tired, it was that obvious XD

  • ThePeebs

    And a Happy Canada Day to you too! We weren’t forgotten :).
    Hope you had a great Fourth of July.

  • odderz

    Yeah, outside of the US this holiday is pretty much ignored. Hello from the UK!

    • Weedmilk

      Not completely ignored though: play.com did a sale for it! =]

    • Fair enough, but 57% of the sites traffic is from the United States. The United Kingdom is a strong third though with 7% just behind Canada’s 10%.

      • Digitalmoose

        I imagine French Polynesia comes in a close fourth.

      • ThePeebs

        WOO! 10%!
        Considering the population of Canada, that’s pretty amazing. I mean, New York State has almost as large of a population base as Canada. We stand at a mear 31-33 million. Largest city at 1-2 million.

        • Yeah! I’d love to come up to a convention in Canada one year and meet some of you guys.

        • BigLord

          We stand at a mere*

          I’m sorry.

  • Corey

    Actually, independence from Britain was officially declared on 2 July, but the document was first signed (by John Hancock) on 4 July.