8-bit Eyeshadow [ COMIC ]

Guyshadow… Not a word that I ever expected to type on Dueling Analogs, but now that I have. Not sure how it will effect the site’s search engine traffic. Maybe this will open the site to a whole new genre of visitors. Guyshadow, dammit. Guyshadow…

source: deviantART


  • Kal


    • WorMzy

      I think you missed the pun. It’s a play on Lorule, from A Link Between Worlds, the latest Zelda game on 3DS. :)

      • Kal

        Ah I haven’t played the latest one, and didn’t know. It makes more sense now :)

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Link is rockin’ that guyshadow. You go, Link!

  • Uemei

    CRAP! Now I have to go find a rom, remember how to edit the sprites in it, and flip the green and brown pixels so he has green eyes and brown eyebrows. I COULD HAVE GONE MY ENTIRE LIFE WITHOUT KNOWING THIS, BUT NOW THAT I’VE SEEN IT I CAN’T UNSEE IT!

  • 21michael

    Maybe he’s born with it

    • Geoff

      Maybe it’s Moblin?

      • Parisu

        You forgot to add “Maybe its him/hylian, maybe its Moblin”

  • Well, there’s this interpertation: http://www.cracked.com/blog/video-game-zoology-how-5-8-bit-characters-would-really-look/

    (it may be a second set of eyes)

  • chris

    what if he has green eyes but wore brown Under his eyes? Like footballers do?