5 stages for Troubleshooting a Printer Connection [ COMIC ]

Or just buy a new printer. That’s what I usually do. Those things are so cheap now a days, it is crazy. The cost of a new printer is usually cheaper than buying a new ink cartridge. Yes, I know there is more ink in the cartridges that do not come prepackaged with the printers, but I don’t care. Non-obsolete technology, bitches!


  • skyrender

    Another oft-overlooked solution is to clean the printheads. A cleaning kit for that costs less than a fifth of a new printer, and usually fixes the most common printing issue: that the damn thing won’t print anything even when it does ostensibly work.

  • Heh, that’s actually my dayjob. No, not fixing printers: don’t be silly. Selling them.
    On the other hand: more e-waste. I don’t know where our store’s collection goes, so dunno if it end up being basically inhaled by some Chinese guy who’s baking the boards over a fire to get at the metal for resale….