20 Years Later [ COMIC ]

If you change this comic to be about television instead of video games, then I can related. Unfortunately as it stands, I do own quite a few good video games that I would love to play. My problem is twenty years ago, I actually would have had time to play them.


  • Annales

    This hurts so bad.

  • Halrawk

    For me it was totally different. Back when I only had 1-2 games, I would just play those games. Forever, just keep going until my parents would take me to “the city” (I’m from a small town) and get a new game.

    • pierski

      I was referring to my current situation. No, when I was a kid (part of the Nintendo Entertainment System Generation) and got a new game THAT was the only new game I was getting for a while. And I would play the hell out of it.

      I had Back to the Future for the NES. Horrible game, but I was a master at it. I could beat the entire game without ever taking a single hit and keep the bowling balls and skateboard forever.

      Nowadays, I will buy games cheap and hold onto them. I just never have time to play them.

      • Halrawk

        Oh yeah, the today part is pretty darn accurate. I have so many games, just never know what to play.

  • skyrender

    While I never had the former situation (seriously, we had a dozen NES games within a year or two of getting the system and tons of PC shareware to keep us busy), the latter… also isn’t the case. I never have a hard time picking what to play out of my massive collection. The main issue, in fact, is that I keep replaying the same awesome few games and never get around to the stockpile of other games I have that may well be awesome too.

  • SorataYuy

    The “today” example is why I’ve kept my Steam library small (about 8-10 titles, total so far), and why I try to get just the games that I’m pretty sure I’m going to still want, years down the line.

  • callak _

    20 years ago, I had one of those Japanese multi-carts with that honeybee adapter to play on the nes and a game copier for the snes. I could rent video games from blockbusters or where ever, stick the cartridge into the machine (which fit in the snes cartridge slot) and copy the game onto those 3½ diskettes (multiple diskettes for the larger games). It worked for any game except those with an extra chip in the cartridge for them to work, like Mega Man X.

    Now a days, I’ve got legitimate copies of a lot of games, but don’t have the time to play them all, especially since I like RPGs and they take forever to finish.