Wikio Top Gaming Blogs [ ARTICLE ]

Wikio listed the top blogs for video games for the month of May and Dueling Analogs is number 18 on the list. I never really considered Dueling Analogs to be a blog site, but there is a blog post with every comic so I can definitely see how it’s possible.

Below are the top 25 on the list:

4Siliconera – The Weblog
6GiantBomb’s Site Mashup
7That VideoGame Blog
8New World Notes
9Koku Gamer
10Kill Ten Rats
12Fidgit Atom Feed
13Virtual Worlds News
14Psychochild’s Blog
15GAMER Deals
16The Brainy Gamer
17Ian Bogost
18Dueling Analogs
19Terra Nova
20Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction
21Auntie pixelante
22The Koalition
25Grinding to Valhalla

Top Blog – Video Games May 2010 [Wikio]


  • Mackan

    I totaly agree whit this site being on there but why isn´t Penny Arcade on here considering they blog too. I don´t think anyone disagrees that they have quite amount off clout regarding videogames ;)

  • @Mackan No doubt Penny Arcade is the larger gaming webcomic. But maybe because the structure of the site is more blog format than most gaming webcomics it falls under that category.