This One’s for My Homies

by Steve Napierski to Articles

So KatsuCon was last weekend or as I like to call it Con Flu 2008. Con flu is now an official term on, just to let you know. Didn’t really get to do the kind of mingling that I wanted to as Peekaboo came down with a case of death the second day there (he’s feeling better now). So here’s the short list of webcomics I had interaction with (gimmick stolen from Mookie):


- Hawk smiled at me. Not sure if he remembered me, was nervous because I’m a 6’6″ viking or both.

Blue and Blond

- The introduction to webcomics panel that I was on with Kilika was one of my favorite panels ever.

Bored and Evil

- Richard was there managing my table more than me. I kid you not. That’s the way it usually works.


- Garth’s booth did things with stuffed animals that made me feel dirty.

Dead of Summer

- Peekaboo meant to pick up their book at the con, but forgot. I guess he’ll have to order it online. You can do things like that now.

Dominic Deegan

- I finally got Volume 2 and Mookie is still one of the nicest guys ever.

Evil Inc.

- Brad is a cool guy. Wish we had more time to talk but he was always busy. Maybe he’ll be at SPX this year.

Hookie Dookie Panic

- Screw that guy from the Beach Boys. This is the only true Brian Wilson.


- First time I ever met Chris, but he seems like a cool guy and I had a good time with him on the introduction to webcomics panel.

Partially Clips

- Yes, Rob Balder creates Erfworld. But Partially Clips is also friggin’ brilliant.


- He brought my Humphrey Bogart shirts and they turned out awesome!


- Shawn brought Super Smash Bros. Brawl to the con. This is next to godliness.

The more I type, the more this short list becomes a long list. Thanks to KatsuCon for having me and OneZumi for handling the webcomics part so well.